Excitement of Stripe API for a SaaS Subscription Websites & Stripe Developers

Providing intricate payment gateways is considerably easier using Stripe for subscription-based SaaS websites. Simply put, a Stripe developer can leverage the flexibility the API provides for developing subscription payment systems. This enables people and businesses to process transactions on a recurring basis.

While it is not the only payment gateway solution for subscriptions, it has rapidly become one of the most popular. This is due to its great Stripe developer elements and documentation for developers, plus, the easy-to-manage dashboard for businesses. It allows you to easily set up subscriptions, send invoices, and more. It is highly appealing to developers or…

Let’s Get Started with Requirements Gathering

If there’s one thing we harp on over and over here at Endertech, it’s the importance of a thorough planning and architecture phase. This phase focuses on documenting the precise specifications of your business or project (your vision), along with the potential plan for how the project might be built (our technical expertise). This is when we move from a bird’s-eye view of what you might want to build and get into the nitty gritty of exactly what you want to build.

We’ve written on best tips to successful software development from a company’s point-of-view, but this article will focus…

In this article, I discuss what I believe to be the key factors to consider when developing custom business software that employees will use. I’ll accompany the factors with a personal story that will help guide us through each factor.

Finally, I’ll suggest a common practice to invoke when dealing with uncertainty in large projects. By the end, I hope to leave you with the confidence to design, develop, and ship software that becomes a staple for your organization.

Know Your Audience

In my previous line of work, we had software we could not use. It was made for people that could be…

Photo of Female Software Engineer by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels.

About Victory JS

Victory JS is a set of dynamic open-source charting tools that can be used in React which is currently being managed by Lauren Eastridge. https://github.com/boygirl Samples of how VictoryJS’s capabilities can be seen at https://formidable.com/open-source/victory/gallery.

Other Options

There are many great Graphing solutions available, some you might even consider better than Victory JS. However most of the other options come with a higher learning curve and some with overwhelming amounts of information.

Of the other graphing tools, a favorite of ours is Nivo. This is a great tool for big visualization projects. This is built with D3, React and React-Motion. As tempting…

Despite the prevalence of video streaming on the web, a video streaming site is not the easiest kind of site to set up. Here are some tips on how to set up a quality WordPress video streaming site.

Why Hosting Your Own Video is not Trivial

There are many technical considerations that are not immediately obvious until you have experience building and managing such a site.

For instance, the format of video that comes out of your phone and most recording devices is MP4, however, the file that comes out of your phone is not optimized for web streaming. …

By: Sheila John

Wide front-view picture showing small street shops.
Wide front-view picture showing small street shops.

Magento, the popular ecommerce platform has moved on from Magento 1 (M1) to Magento 2 (M2). If you own a Magento 1 e-commerce Store, you must consider moving along and upgrading Magento to the latest version to maximise on the changes and improvements that the newer platform offers and to protect your online store from the pitfalls of the earlier major release. Here are some timelines and details of the platform to help you make this decision better.

Strengths of Magento 2

  • Superior Performance

Magento 2 performs better than Magento 1 in all use cases. It comes with an enhanced indexer…

Shopify is one of the most popular services for anyone interested in building an E-Commerce store. To help, the platform offers numerous Shopify apps for install and timely Shopify updates that can help improve your online business.

However, if you want your store to succeed, you need to do more than just put up your store with a default setup. You need to maximize sales by improving your conversion rate, decreasing cart abandonment, and increasing your average order value so that you can spend more on marketing.

To help you with these, we’ve put together a list of the best…

Cost-Effective SEO

During these challenging times, many business owners are focusing on the most cost-effective marketing initiatives. We can agree that this has already been the general idea for many, but especially now. With more time being spent online due to the social impact of Covid-19, more owners and marketers see Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as their most cost-effective digital marketing option. To help give some insight for those more focused now on SEO, I want to share my overall view on strategy and execution.

The most basic SEO strategies to follow include on-page optimization and link building.

On-page optimization means that…

By: Gabriel Richards

A person sitting on a large stone under direct sunlight looking to a larger and higher altitude mountain in the distance.
A person sitting on a large stone under direct sunlight looking to a larger and higher altitude mountain in the distance.
What’s your next challenge?

In this brief opinion piece, I aim to provide insight to questions and topics that a media and technology business owner may find informative. Or quite possibly, any owner or associate. In the following, I’ll speak on attracting new leads, personal work schedule, my approach to finding talent through third party platforms, and the importance of challenging yourself.

To begin, for many businesses attracting new, and well-qualified leads is always a challenge. To overcome this challenge, Endertech stays consistently focused on search marketing. We ensure our brand stays in front of relevant customers by using PPC and…

By David Alpern, Endertech.com’s Digital Director

A growing roster of businesses have been snared by ADA lawsuits targeting websites. The Trump administration’s unfortunate decision to stop drafting rules for website ADA compliance leaves the marketplace vulnerable to a potential tidal wave of legal action. Some websites having already experienced ADA lawsuits levied against them now have ugly disclaimers front and center on their homepage pushing down valuable information about their actual business below the fold, which is a form of Siberia for website content:


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