How to Develop Custom Business Software That Employees Will Use

Know Your Audience

Take Cues from the Big Guys

Last Chance

Be Advantageous to Learn

  1. Will organizations gain a competitive advantage by using the software?
  2. Will users within the organization gain a time or effort advantage using the software?
  3. Will the users agree with your answer in question 2?
  1. Is it too difficult to learn?
  2. What’s going to be our proof of concept moment?
  3. Do we need to do more research?
  • Does the user-interface follow common design patterns?
  • Is the software advantageous to learn?

Software Resolution

Build Trust & Buy-in

The Pre-mortem


  1. Follow common user-interface patterns
  2. Be sure employees will see the advantages of learning the software
  3. Build trust and buy-in with employees by involving them in the process.




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