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  • Bobby Hobert

    Bobby Hobert

    Host of Purpose in the Youth Podcast

  • Jonata Corrêa

    Jonata Corrêa

    Co-founder at Graduated by Apple Developer Academy. Writing about self-improvement and entrepreneurship.

  • Justin Farrell

    Justin Farrell

    Entrepreneur. Digital Marketing Consultant. Investor.

  • Arash Narchi

    Arash Narchi

    Living somewhere between stand-up comedy, psychology, and sales. @arashnarchi

  • Dave Schools

    Dave Schools

    #2 at Hopin. Bylines in CNBC, BI, Inc., Trends, Axios. Founder of Entrepreneur’s Handbook and Crypto Handbook. Cofounder of Party Qs app.

  • Prateek Keshari

    Prateek Keshari

    All about marketing, design, and e-commerce. Currently: @Agoda. Previously @grofers and @hcltech.

  • Dominik Skorynko

    Dominik Skorynko

    Creative with an Entreprenuerial Spirit. I’m a photography, videographer, and website developer. my portoflio:

  • Rahul Iyer

    Rahul Iyer

    Sipping coffee and building @spicyduckxyz ☕

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