My Best-Practices for SEO as a CEO.

Cost-Effective SEO

During these challenging times, many business owners are focusing on the most cost-effective marketing initiatives. We can agree that this has already been the general idea for many, but especially now. With more time being spent online due to the social impact of Covid-19, more owners and marketers see Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as their most cost-effective digital marketing option. To help give some insight for those more focused now on SEO, I want to share my overall view on strategy and execution.

The most basic SEO strategies to follow include on-page optimization and link building.

On-page optimization means that you will first imagine and/or discover the key phrases your target customers are using when searching for a business like yours, and then you’ll tune your web page copy to include those phrases in key HTML tags, like your meta title, meta description, and header tags.

Be careful not to overuse the key phrases, peppering them in is generally enough… your copy must read naturally. To help find the key phrases, you can try a tool like

For link building, first, find directory and review sites that allow you to create profiles and link back to your website. This is the lowest hanging fruit. From there, create some helpful content for your industry, post it to your site, and then find avenues to promote it, such as, or directly reaching out to bloggers you find through web search.

Generating links to your site is the best way to improve your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) visibility on a budget. All it takes is some time generating good content for your site, finding good bloggers in your industry, then reaching out to them and negotiating a link.

SEO is definitely the best way to cost effectively generate visibility for your business. Endertech is fortunate to have invested in SEO long ago in the early 2000’s. It takes time, but once you get embedded in Google’s ranking for a given search phrase, that visibility pays dividends for years.

SEO work is not an event, it’s a process, and during this time you can focus on learning and perfecting your process. Developing a constant SEO routine to address and challenge your SEO strategy will have bountiful effects for your business.

Gabriel Richards, Founder & CEO of Endertech. Established in 2000, a Los Angeles Web & Software Development Company. View Clutch profile.




A professional team of web designers, software developers, and creative minds.

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A professional team of web designers, software developers, and creative minds.

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